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Ok here is all the information we have on SAC right now. Many safety measures will be put in place and explained below. SAC will be split into three phases, Monday-Thursday, and the dates are as follows:

June 8th-19th             Time: 10am-12pm

June 22nd-July 2nd    Time: TBA

July 13th-July 31st    Time: TBA


The first phase or first two weeks will be all outside with no students being allowed into the building at all,  because of this the SAC and Sport Specific portion will be from 10am-12pm Monday-Thursday during the first phase. After phase 1, if everything goes well, we will then be allowed access inside and to the gyms. This is why our times are “TBA” because we will have to figure out the best schedule for the three programs that use the gym, but it will definitely be around the phase 1 times, and most likely end before noon, if not earlier. The times though should be set by the end of the first week of SAC, we are just seeing how much we are able to use Hildebrandt facilities as well.


Safety protocol will be as followed. All students must bring and wear masks when not active, and on arrival to SAC will have temperature taken through forehead thermometer. If student has a temperature of 100 will be taken to a “quarantine” area and temperature taken again a few minutes later. If student still has a temperature over 100 he will be sent home. During activity students will be 10 feet apart, if resting, waiting in line, or anything not fully active student will be required to wear mask. All equipment will be sanitized after each use and many exercises first phase will be bodyweight. Students must also bring the following items or will be sent home because they cannot be shared (will be smart to bring a small bag):





Work out shoes

Water Jug


Again, all of those items, especially mask and water bottle are key to participation. Siblings cannot share anything either. I know this is a lot but the kids safety is our number one concern. As I get updates I will let yall know immediately. If you have any questions just reach out!

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