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Becoming part of the Klein Oak Basketball Hall of Fame means your effort and contribution has left a lasting legacy and impact on the program that far exceeds your own child's team. It means you have left a lasting impact on the athletes in the program, and their experience has been extremely enhanced because of you.  When you make the Hall of Fame, your name will forever be proudly and boldly displayed in the Klein Oak gymnasium and the Klein Oak Basketball website. To become a member for the Hall of Fame you must contribute, through memberships or donations, $1,000 or more for the four years your child is apart of the basketball program or make a one time donation of $1,000 or more. You can contribute in any increments you see fit.

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Hall of Fame Members:

Sewoto White

Michelle Salim

Greg Garrick

John Kelley

Corkscrew BBQ

Tracey Kearny

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