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-Incoming freshman must be signed up for the basketball class period to start the school year, unless they are in football

-The freshman basketball period is 7th period, speak with counselors asap if placed into 5th period

-Tryouts (for any student NOT in football) will be in the first two weeks of school, during the basketball class period

-If a student does not make the team, they will have a schedule change or have the chance to join another sport

-Students who play football will tryout after football ends, but if a student is not in football, and wants to tryout they MUST sign up for the class and tryout during the basketball class period

-Students trying out must have their physical turned into the trainer by the third day of school, no student can tryout without a physical turned in or the parent online forms completed

-There is a link on this site to the school physical forms and district online forms

-Any student wishing to tryout for basketball signs up for the basketball class, it is NOT based on middle school, the tryout at the beginning of the school year is the main tryout

-All students will get at minimum three days of evaluation, but if it is close or we are unsure, we will evaluate and keep the student in the loop for a time to make sure we are confident in the decision

-Teams are not set until football players are able to try out and we know how many will make it from there. Students who make it past the first two rounds of cuts will practice as a group in the period until football ends and football is able to tryout. We try to get it as close as possible, but always possible more football kids make it than expected.

-Most important thing to know before first day of school is be enrolled in basketball class and have physical forms completed! We look forward to getting to know all the kids!

-If you have any questions, please reach out to Coach Huseman at


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